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Region: Lazarus

Leonism wrote:Konsul Steffen International Airport, Leestcheck, capital of the Imperium
Prokonsul II. Klasse Jennifer Adler stood waiting on the tarmac, along with a Honour Guard of 100 soldiers, to greet the new ambassador from Fluffiness, Diana Taeto. In these times of international terrorism, multinational cooperation was growing ever more important.

The Fluffinessian ideology of pacifism and socialism was somewhat alien to the Imperium. But Imperator Konsul Leo I. had significantly broadened the views of the Imperial government, allowing for cooperation with other nations even when these were quite different.

The Imperium, while seeing a strong military as backbone of a successful nation, was not an aggressive state. And while it was running a free market based economy, state influence and control was significant. Both positions allowed for cooperation with Fluffiness. For now the key field on which to cooperate would be police work, to join efforts in finding NLO members and bases and taking them into custody.

The vice foreign minister had already drawn up an agreement for a formal security cooperation, which would allow for an exchange of police officers and transfer of prisoners from the other country.
The Imperium was also interested in a trade agreement. While it was estimated that Fluffiness was less interested in what the Imperium's Arms Industry had to offer, there might be more opportunities for the Book Publishing industry or the Tourism industry.

As the plane from Fluffiness landed and taxied to the ramp, Jennifer Adler was looking forward to meet the ambassador in person.

Diana Taeto got out of the plane, followed by a dozen of Fluffinesian staff. She looked a bit surprised, seeing how many guards were there to welcome the delegacy. She noticed someone walking forward to her, likely to be Jennifer Adler.

"Hallo Prokonsul Jennifer Adler.

Thank you for welcoming me in such a way, I'm truly honored. I look forward to know more about Imperial culture. I hope we'll both learn a lot by cooperating.

I've reviewed your drafts while on the plane to Leestcheck. I'm already delighted about your propositions concerning the book industry. Stewart Doug, Head of Industrial Production thinks we will both have benefits from it, since your country was very closed until now. For the same reason, tourism will be great, both Fluffinesians and Imperials enjoy preserved environments.

Concerning police cooperation, Virginia Russel, Head of the Judicial System, made it clear that we will keep our full sovereignty. However, concerning the NLO, we will share all our intelligence with you. We don't have much, but we've arrested a bomber recently. Investigation shows that it's unclear whether he had contacts with the NLO, however we've found documents stating that his actions were inspired by the NLO. For now, we know nothing more. Concerning prisoner transfer, we have to keep in mind that you've got ties with Loftegen 2. Although we do not consider Lady Zaharra to be hostile, news that some prisoners went missing there make us afraid about their lives, and for now we do not wish to initiate any transfer to Leonism for now because of this. I hope you understand."