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Region: New Coalition of Nations

Nedea wrote:Really starting to smell around here. Athretvari, Do you think you can scrap some of those *stormwrecked ocean teeming with giant piranhawhales, sweltering jungles crawling with blood-thirsty Hrakni bug-monsters and flesh-eating thornvine mushrooms, and a shallow sea of sharkeel-infested swamps* off of your boot when you step in please? Also, are savages a protected species or are we going to find out??

Iím working on this... first draft accidentally got a bit too Ďepicí as I was writing it, and I figured out as I writing that itís missing a whole another epic back story. I hope itís worth the wait guys. lol, sorry for the gear up but no release, I mean climax... You know what I mean. :)