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On this occasion, no one was kicked for disagreeing with me. I can see why it appears this way, but this seems to be a misunderstanding and I'd like to clear this right up.

Because Discord are limited by channels, and because conversation can be fast moving, it's considered rude to switch topics in the middle of the conversation. I got annoyed when instead of talking about the idea, I instead had to spend 30 minutes talking about the basics of standardizing canon for MT roleplay (which under normal circumstances, I would have been happy to do). Given my suggestion was OOC in nature, not IC, this annoyed me.

I got annoyed at that, and at the responses to me when I expressed my frustration at having repost the suggestion again because 200+ messages pushed it way to the back of the chat where no one would see it again.

And then those responses to my frustration pushed the suggestion back again! So I was doubly annoyed.

I'm not defending myself, I'm in the wrong 100%, but it wasn't over people disagreeing with me. I felt people completely disrespected the work I put into the idea where it wasn't even going to be discussed. If people didn't like it, whatever. But it should have at least had a fair chance at exposure.

Now, on reflection, those questions were perfectly fine and it only took 3 seconds to copy and paste the suggestion again. Or I should have posted it on the forum. So I'm not placing blame on anyone else, just to be clear.

So it wasn't over disagreeing with me at all. Like I said, I'm putting my hands up and saying I absolutely should not have done that, but at the same time I do feel obliged to correct misunderstandings about what led me to do the kicks.

I can promote someone to admin now, sure.

Done. It's Lauch.

Edit: I can't create new admins on the discord so I had to ask Scion to do it since he owns the server (not me, btw, I don't own the discord server which seems to be another point of confusion. He's also an admin btw). But he's on it.

Edit2: That's done now.