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Region: International Democratic Union

Sanctaria wrote:I'll make Laeral an admin on the Discord once his term is up.

With the wiki and the forum, I pay for them (voluntarily, yes) so handing them over isn't possible. And despite my temper tantrum to the contrary, I wouldn't actually do anything that would harm the forum or the wiki since those things would make me an outcast in NS. I am Site Staff here and it would end my career, more or less, so I can guarantee you on the job I've held here for almost a decade that wouldn't happen.

As I said, I do apologise unreservedly - my temper does get the better of me on Discord - and as I've said, I'll make sure another admin is appointed to ensure when I do wrong, I am appropriately disciplined also.

So... I was away for the weekend and missed this fiasco. With that said, I have sent out some DMs and effectively have a working understanding of the events that transpired(I would have had a better understanding if “someone” hadn’t deleted all of the conversation).

This has happened before. I was briefly ejected from the discord several months ago over an equally stupid argument. I was let back in a few days later with an apology similar to this. Yet.. History repeats itself.

I don’t think Sanctaria is in anyway unqualified for the role of Wiki/Regional Forums Admin. He is the owner of them and pays money for them. Taking them away from him is legally impossible. Also, he has been a pretty good Admin for them. In short, I have no issues with him still running the Forums and Wiki.

Regarding the discord however, he sometimes lacks the ability to distinguish between someone arguing with him and someone doing something kick worthy. Being kicked from the discord should happen only to people who would be easily recognized as having said something inexcusable like promoting naziism, RL violence, of sexual stuff. Having a different opinion, especially on something like whether or not the IDU should be Greco-Roman themed is not something you should be kicked for. With that in mind, if sanctaria truely recognizes the gravity of his mistake, he should appoint a permanent Co-Admin (who will have equal abilities) on the discord.
This should happen right now. Not in a week, not in a month, not in a year. It can be anyone Sanct chooses but he should consult with them on the #admin thread of the discord before he ejects anyone.

Edit: If this hasn’t been done yet, Sanct should also formally invite both individuals back into the Discord. Not “let back in” He should “formally invite” them back in.