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Region: Terra Nova

Ontarian canada

New suna wrote:Hello fellow nations of Terra Nova,

I would like to announce my entrance to the World Assembly as a member. I would strongly recommend my fellow nations who reside within this great region of Terra Nova to follow suit and join the WA as I have. This grants those the abilities to vote on new bills and participate in the makings of new international law. However, once joined international must be followed. More information regarding the WA can be found on the left hand side of your screen under the World Assembly tab.

I would also like to request that my position be changed from Minister of national defence to WA delegate of the region.

Long live Terra Nova!

Thank you

Leader of New Suna

Official response from the government of Ontarian canada

I am pleased to see nations like New suna rise up to the international stage to discuss international issues and represent their populace in a positive manner.

Directed towards New suna
but other countries should read:

I would be happy to change your position to WA delegate however there are matters to be dealt with first. We (as a region) must decide if I hold executive power (as creator of region) which personally I am against as my country has world benchmark political freedoms and is democratic or (which I much more support) if executive decisions such as electing a new WA delegate must be voted on by member nations. I have decided to send out a region wide telegram and I invite all nations to reply on how you think executive power should be distributed. Other methods I have not described are absolutely welcome. I will then allow all nations to vote on which method they would like to pursue.

Best Regards,

Top Council of Ontarian canada