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Saudi Press Agency


These states of the american union wrote:
            The Oval Office
            West Wing, White House
            1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

        I, President Joe Biden of the United States of America, hereby invite the Heads of States and Heads of Government of Middle East and North African Arab States to Washington D.C. for the commencement of a US-Arab Relations Summit in Washington D.C. at the White House. The Summit shall comprise of one week of political, economic, and security consultation in addition to official diplomatic dialogue between the United States and the Arab World. It is imperative for the United States and the Biden Administration that American-Arab Relations establish a new chapter of cooperation, understanding, and collaboration to ensure peace, prosperity, and tranquility. I urge all responsible and willing Arab leaders to meet with myself, the Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg, and the Secretary of Defense General Martin Dempsey on the discussion on where the United States and the Arab World can move forward. It is my priority that our relations are based on common principles and common goals.

Due to King's bad health in recent days, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman would be on head of Saudi delegation to meet with US President Joe Biden. Due to his reformist spirit, the choice of him to be on head of the delegation was mostly expected. Many voices still rise about his being de facto leader of the Arab saudia, but King is still in rule. Prince already visited USA multiple times, when he met with numerous people from business area like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and also then-President Trump and former Presidents Bush junior and Bush senior. During those visits, he hasn't met President Biden yet, while he was on previous political functions, so this visit would be a great chance for Crown Prince to meet US President and make a productive platform for further cooperation, which is already on the highest levels in both economy and diplomacy.


After the recent accusations were published against the Saudi dynasty for possible inspiring and arming of Turkmen, the Ministry of Defence of Arab saudia reacted in a written statement:

"Those terrible and unprovoked lies comes just a few days before US-Arab Summit as a pre-scheduled attack on our regime, our ruling dynasty and our Great King himself. Persian propaganda machinery was their main weapon to sell the world a story of "clearing the mess left by US troops" - as did they called the clear invasion on Afghanistan based upon a Soviet model. Today, that propaganda machinery turned to us, with a made-up story of our "secret relationship" with Turkmen rebels. From the first days of conflict, our position was clear - we believe that Turkmen cause is a just cause, and we expressed approval for possible Turkish action of protecting their lives, which were essentially damaged by Persian invasion. If that is called "an inspiration" for the rebellious spirit of Turkmens, then yes - we inspired them and we are proud that our model gives an inspiration trough the Muslim world, in difference from Persian model which is determined to end up where Soviet once ended up - failing in Afghanistan.

But we had not, nor we are going to, armed those tribes to fight against foreign troops of Afsharid Persia, nor we had funded their leaders. It is possible, in our opinion, that they really posses our weapons, because Persian invasion made it possible for chaos to establish itself, and where you have chaos - you have black market. It is possible that they came to our weapons trough black market smuggles, but we are not able to handle the order of black trade in a territory where Persians has created the lack of any governance by their invasion. Our only responsibility is from where does that weaponry has disappeared, to be smuggled to Turkmen tribes. And we are going to responsible once again, which is a main difference between us and our neighbors from over the Gulf, so we're going to organize internal investigation of our military bases, to see whether someone has stole it from our bases. If it proves to be true, all responsible will be punished. But, if it fail to prove true, what then? Would the officials of Afsharid Persia has enough dignity to say sorry to us for their dirty and tendentious lies against our Great King and entire dynasty?"

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