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Preparations for The Summer Solstice Celebrations in Coriem

The Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) has announced the start of the preparations for the Summer Solstice, one of Coriem's most important holidays. The OCA, along with the Office of Foreign Affairs, released the following statement, in which it invites the leaders and people of the world to join the celebrations in Coriem:

"We the O.C.A heralden the begininge of the grathes for the Somer Solstice. There is much ado and we must redie be. Thus yeven we the followinge month to redien owrselves and to worshepin the Spirits. Ycalled art ye of foreyn lands to joynen us in the Solstice Fest. Taken ye wold be owre great honour and we wold lovien ye seen in Gloryis Coriem."

"We are very excited." says an official in the OCA "This year's Summer Solstice celebrations are particularly special. Like every year, we broadcast the big royal ceremony on the national TV and Radio channels, but this year's production is bigger than ever. We have a great array of artists performing. We hope to use this opportunity to expose the citizens of Coriem to our rich local music scene and to beloved folk songs left to us by our fathers and mothers. The seats for the ceremony in Dulmha are nearly sold out."

Another official in Foreign Affairs adds that an influx in tourism is to be expected, as in recent years Summer Solstice tourism in Coriem has been steadily increasing. "We are looking forward to this economic opportunity, as well as to share our beautiful culture with so many people."

Goset Theirach, the leader of the Joint Hands, a Paja rights activist group, has stated that they will hold protests throughout Coriem during the events. Theirach called all protestors to "not resort to violence on such a sacred day," but insisted that protesting, even on a holiday, is necessary. The Council is currently debating whether or not to allow the JH to protest on the holiday.