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            Australia's Ally: The Greatest Disappointment

Australia has expressed their upmost disappointment in the United States (These states of the american union ) after electing a 'perverted creep' to run the United States. President Scott Morrison states that he has 'lost trust' in the United States, and has reminded Australia that this sort of threat from the left is 'a very real posibility' in Australia. Scomo made the following speech in a press conference in the nation's capital.

    "These are very hard times for the United States and for Australia, and very hard times for the conservative population in particular. And, to add insult to injury, the American Democrats elected Joe Biden?
    I have met Biden once as Immigration Minister back in 2014. Biden is the most perverted, disgusting creature I have ever met. I am ashamed for the United States that they have chosen, of all people, this perverted creep as President. This man cannot keep his hands to himself, and is not at all a reflection of the country we know. Is this what the United States want as their president? A predator? I was genuinely lost for words when I found that Trump had been impeached. Donald Trump was the best president the United States ever had. Not only did he keep his promises, but he tackled the most important issue the United States faces; illegal immigration.
    Biden is no more than a disgusting hypocrite. He claims that he will fight against women's rights? Biden only wants to see women in one place and I think we all know damn well where that is! This man is a hypocrite, and I warn the United States that this man will drive your country into the ground. Ignore it at your own will, but this threat is a lot more real then climate change! Biden said that 'Americans have stood up against all evils, tyrants, bullies, and dictators that sought destruction, instability, and the bloodshed of the innocence,' so it is time for America to listen to what he is saying. The biggest threat right now to the United States is your president. Left or Right, Men or Women, we should all be appaled by his horrific behaviour and beg the United States to put someone decent in charge. Biden was not elected by the people, the people do not want Biden! He said that 'we must not forget the mistakes that we have made along the road,' but that is not at all an excuse to continue making the same mistakes.
    I have never felt more pain and sorrow for the American People. I pray that God will look after them, and provide them with the strength to make it to the next election, and the wisdom to not sign up for four years of pure hell. God Bless America, because they are going to need it."

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