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"... I like many question the leadership of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani" -Prime Minister Salih Enveroğlu

After his historic meeting in Great israel with the Israeli government, furthering Turkey's partnership with the Jewish State, he headed to the Islamic State of Afghanistan to meet with President Ghani in regards to the recent human rights abuses by the Afghan government against the millions of Turkic people that call the Islamic State of Afghanistan home. However negotiations between the two governments broke down as the issue of Great israel, which was brought up by the Afghan government according to the Prime Minister, was the reason behind this. The meeting ending short, Prime Minister Salih Enveroğlu spoke to the media stating that 'President Ghani has demanded that the Turkish Armed Forces withdraw from all military operations in Afghanistan' and that Turkey will honour the request of the Afghan government as the host country. This statement was made board Turkish Republic Two (Any vehicle the Prime Minister is on) due to the Prime Minister and his team leaving the Arg (Afghan Presidential Palace) as soon as the meeting came to an end. The Prime Minister later released the following statement via twitter.


"The biggest issue facing Afghanistan today is its determination to keep the union between state and religion, and wish to continue to strengthen it. For them religion has become a shield to hide behind for poor policy, and the lack of governance over there country...

...This has allowed for suffering to be felt amongst the people of Afghanistan, and the government has gladly turned a blind eye to this. So much so that President Ghani demanded that all Turkish operations in his nation come to an end. Choosing to let his people suffer...

...instead of allowing for as many countries as possible to help the Afghan people in their time of need. This action will have its consequences for Afghanistan, I like many question the leadership of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani."

President Akşener hosts past President's in Ankara

At Çankaya Mansion (Turkish Presidential Complex) President Meral Akşener hosted all former living Presidents of the Turkish Republic, the four former President's each arrived at Çankaya Mansion where they along with President Meral Akşener spoke to the press before meeting in the dinner was held in the Mansion. The list of former Presidents include Tansu Çiller (1990-1995), Deniz Baykal (1995-2002), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (2002-2008) and Devlet Bahçeli (2008-2016) each President are seen separately as one of the second coming of the golden wave of Turkish leaders that was seen from the Presidency of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk all the way to the Presidency of Alparslan Türkeş. The picture taken of the four former Presidents and current President is telling of the shift that Turkish politics has seen in the last 30 years, having gone through two female Presidents, and the office of the Presidency having changed between four different parties. Here is a small snip from President Meral Akşener's address after the dinner.

"I would like to take a minute to highlight the significance of each of our guests here today, they are the reason many of us enjoy the life in this country the way we do. Yes, I have competed against them in the political battlefield, but the respect I have for the four men and woman I had the honour of calling my President for 26 years of my life. First it was Tansu Çiller, her Presidency was significant for two things. First that she became the first ever woman to serve our great nation as President. Second, she began EU-Turkish negotiations to enter Turkey into the EUs Customs Union, and would finalize an agreement for it. Seeing us join the Customs Union in 1996 during the Presidency of Deniz Baykal. President Baykal, the first CHP had reached the office since the Presidency of Ecevit in the 70s. President Baykal spent his entire Presidency working to get our Republic into the European Union, he kept us safe while the Middle East fell into chaos once more. Unfortunately due to multiple medical scares he stepped down, but continued as a senior adviser in President Kılıçdaroğlu's Administration that would follow. Kılıçdaroğlu's administration was historic for a few reason, the largest one being that in 2004 the efforts of the past two Presidents came to fruition with Turkey ascending to European Union membership. In 2008 at the time I entered Ankara as Deputy Prime Minister under then President Devlet Bahçeli. His administration, like past one brought many historic moments, even seeing Turkey adopt the Euro. We thank these men and woman for their service to the Turkish Republic and are grateful for everything they have done for our Republic!"