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[b][u]The "Special Relationship" of the Middle East between the The Turkish-State and Great israel is being established! - Kan 11 TV New Channel - Israel!

A long period of A status quo between The Turkish-State and Great israel A sign of strengthening relations is coming ahead. It has been years that Israel’s relation with the Turkish Republic has been silent, and now in recent times when diplomatic signs were sent to each other about forming A much stronger bond. After years of waiting, Prime minister Salih evenroglu is coming to visit Israel, in order to solidify their cultural ties and strengthen their economic and military, as well as their strategic view on mutual middle eastern policy.
The big day has arrived. An airplane covered with Turkish flag patterns had landed in Ben Gurion Airport. Prime Minister Salih Enveroglu had gotten off the plane surrounded by security guards and was greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They both entered into the same limousine and their tour inside Israel began.
They visited Yad Vashem Museum, the Museum for the memorial of the Holocaust, Benjamin Netanyahu then focused on the horrific genocide the Jewish people went through and claimed the modern state of Israel's mission is to prevent the second Holocaust whatever means necessary. They then reached the Knesset building, and with an almost full appearance of all MKs, excluding the Arab anti-zionist Members of Knesset who oppose any support for the Israeli regime.

Benjamin Netanyahu carried out his speech:
"Dear Israeli brothers. Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims, Rightists and Leftists, Religious and seculars, it does not matter we are all Israelis. The Middle East is A wild, wild jungle. And we are the Villa that is in that jungle, the only standing lighthouse in the center of the storm.
The eternal nation of Israel has made A grand decision today, they made the Turkish people, their brother nations. The brotherhood between the 2 nations can be dated back to the beginning of human history. It started with Noah’s sons, Shem and Japhet, it evolved into Yaa’cov and Yishmael, sons of Abraham. We can proudly say that Turkey is the best ambassador Islam has, keeping its traditions, together with evolving to the modern world, As well we Jews managed to do, and flourish as A state under just 71 years. The Jewish nation ruled the land of Israel 3,000 years ago. Since then, the Assyrians, Babylonians, the damn Greeks, the Romans, all tried to extinct us in our land, and look at where we are compared to them. In Europe, up until 100 years ago, the Europeans and their pogroms, but especially Soviets and Germans did everything possible to make sure the Jewish people be part of history, and maybe erase us from it, but they could not. Even today, Radical Islamist terrorism does everything it can, for 100 years already to throw us to the sea, but we only rise further. The Turkish nation managed to rise under years of occupation of first the radical Islamists, then the European powers, but nothing prevented from the great Ataturk from leading the Turkish nation to prosperity. The Turkish nation and the Jewish nation are 2 of the only voices of rationality, development, evolution, and stability in the Middle East, and thus, The Jewish people could not ask for A better partner to strengthen the cultural and strategic ties. For now, not any middle eastern tribes of an artificial Ummah, or any other nation, managed to erase us from the world, nor they ever will..”

Prime Minister Salih Enveroglu carried his speech next:
thank you, before I begin I would like to thank the nation of Israel on behalf of the Turkish Republic. As well as Speaker Edelstein and Prime Minister Netanyahu on there warm welcome since my arrival to Israel. Our two nations have fought the world of radical extremism head on for decades, since our very formations in fact. The Turkish struggle against Islamists cannot be understated as we continue to fight towards reaching the same ideals of our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Today’s near and middle east have seen two nations arise against the odds, making the best of what they are given to lead their people to greatness. The Jewish people have been part of both nations history, a key part of both the Israeli and Turkish nations. The Turks have been a strong ally of the Jews since the days of the Spanish Inquisition, where the Turks rescued thousands of Jews from Iberia to bring them back to Anatolia and the Levant. Those Jews, along with many others who came throughout the centuries are now the people who call Israel home. Enemies of the Jewish people have turned to conspiracy to lead this cause, turning the supposed Palestinian struggle into a religious one. This, like many things that Israel has been accused of is false. This is nothing more than an attempt from the Arabs to undermine a sovereign state, turning their failures into the justification to destroy one of the few nations in the Middle East that has basic human rights. Stuck in past ways, an older generation built on war and destruction against the Israeli people. To wipe Israel off the map. The Turks stand strongly against this motion and will not allow Israel’s destruction to come to fruition. Israel’s destruction for the Arab world has become a romanticized, a dream for any Arab leader that follows said ideals. Though Arabs who not only oppose the destruction of Israel, but support Israel against the radicals running their countries. The good people who in fact do exist in the Arab world cannot be understated or ignored no longer. Turkey, and Israel stand behind the people who are fighting for change in there nations for change. For a better future to live life how they wish to live it. I am proud to announce that Turkey and Israel will be furthering its cooperation by signing a mutual defensive pact, and will begin military drills in the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights. This will be the first stage of Turkish-Israeli Military cooperation. May this path we have set out on tonight, as brothers, be a path that will bring an era of civility and humanity to the Middle East. Thank you and may Allah bless the State of Israel and the Kemalist Republic of Turkey!”

In other news, Trump Height announced!
After the recognition of Jerusalem, and the move of the embassy in there, U.S President Donald Trump had officially signed the American recognition of the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan Heights. The Israeli government in return, decided to make one Middle East professor’s advice, and invest money in the Golan Heights and create A new city. The Golan Heights has many small villages and towns, and only one city which also isn't as impressive named Katzrin, and the Israeli government after A committee of specialists, had decided to establish A new city, A city which will be A business center and as important as Haifa, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, and it will be named after The US president “The Trump Height”. Opinions on the move are mixed, Israeli right-wing see Trump as the greatest supporter of Israel, on the same level of Cyrus, which gave the Israelites their right to return Eretz Yisrael after the diaspora, and build the second Temple. Left-wings see the move as useless, and will only trigger more hatred from the neighbors.

A new militia has risen in Gaza.

Liwa Falasteen.
The Palestine Brigade.
חטיבת פלסטין.

A new militia had risen up in the Palestinian territories, one department in the West Bank and the second in the Gaza Strip. In their official announcement of establishment, they claimed their ultimate objective is to stop the political games the Palestinian Arabs are going through, between Fatah and Hamas, whom both recognized as terrorist groups, and they are here to fight for the real right of the people. Their intentions are to eventually to fight for the rights of the Palestinians, inside historic Palestine and out. They also called out the Arab World and demanded to stop what they call the “Apartheid against Palestinians” in the Middle East and give full rights to their Arab brothers. As of now, that is all that is known, full details will be revealed as soon as possible