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May 30, 2019
Washington D.C., USA
East Wing, White House
The Biden Era: The New American Way

    With the impeachment of Donald Trump, there was a lot of ambiguity as to what to expect now that Joe Biden was inaugurated President of the United States via taking the ticket by the Democrats and following constitutional procedures. The impeachment and imprisonment of Donald Trump has indeed sparked massive outrage among right-wing media outlets and political advocates. In areas such as the Pacific Southwest, estimates have demonstrated a 60% increase in white nationalism presence and activity in the form of protests, small scale riots, and KKK recruitment rallies. However, despite the surfacing right wing white nationalist sentiment, roughly 67% of Americans have demonstrated their relief of having political veteran Joe Biden as President to finish the Trump term and to win the 2020 Presidential elections. From the East Wing of the White House, President Joe Biden and designated representatives of his staff to accompany him while making a very special address to the American people and the world. With a smile on his face, Joe Biden would approach the podium with a navy blue suit and baby blue paisley tie. After the applause was finished, Joe Biden would wait a few moments before making his address:

President Joe Biden:

      "My fellow Americans, from the very bottom of my heart, I stand here as your President. For US allies and global partners, I stand here as the chief representative of the American people and the greatest nation on the planet. After the impeachment of Donald Trump, we were left temporarily with a void; however, I am very grateful that the Democrats and willing Republicans were able to come together in consultation to provide for the betterment of the Nation. We have many situations that we are facing: racism, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, unemployment, domestic terrorism, energy demands, climate change, and other situations and policies that must be addressed. The United States is an exceptional country because of our position in the world. With the vast lands and ample access to lucrative resources in addition to thousands of inland rivers, deltas, and waterways that contribute to extensive growth in development and exponential wealth, the United States has the task of demonstrating and promoting the Common Good and the pursuit of happiness that all people and all humans have the inevitable right to achieve and pursue. Throughout the history of the United States, Americans have stood up against all evils, tyrants, bullies, and dictators that sought destruction, instability, and the bloodshed of the innocence. The American Way is about the representation of human development, ingenuity, innovation, prestige, prosperity, and acceptance. The American Way is about the promotion of the Good, the vigilant, the determined, the ambitious, and the persistent. It is about the acceptance of difference and strength through diversity. It is about understanding the unknown and adaptation toward what we do not know so that fear does not cause our motivation and our drive to regress. We are a proud people from many facets of life and many different backgrounds; however, that is what makes us unique and prosperous. We are a nation that originates from the blood, sweat, and tears of the working class. We must not forget that. We must not forget where we come from and we must not forget the mistakes that we have made along the road. We cannot move forward if we decide to be blind to our faults and vices. My presidency is about re-invigoration and revitalization of the working class and the average Joe, no pun intended. This is a time that we must come together so that we may continue our journey as the greatest nation in the world. That is our objective. We must not abandon those who support the United States, our vision, our strategies, and our obligations and commitments to fostering the greater good of the global community in conjunction to the American society. That is my promise not just to the international community but to each and every American. I thank you and I look forward to serving as your President. God Bless You and God Bless America."

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