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These states of the american union

Alright so here is the history of the USA:

everything is staying the same as to what has been RPed by the previous USA; HOWEVER, Donald Trump has been impeached via revelations from his tax returns in addition to unconstitutionally still operating his businesses while as a sitting President. The democrats managed to be able to impeach Donald Trump and out of desperation did a party vote to indicate that Joe Biden would take over as President. With Joe Biden sworn in as President of the United States, the 2020 elections will still happen; however, Biden has been given the ticket by the Democrats to run as the incumbent in the upcoming elections. Some of the democrats will seek to take the nomination; however, the main prominent Democrats have decided to endorse Biden as a means to solidify the executive with the House.

Afsharid Persia, The Turkish-State, The arab-federation, The Australis Republic, and 2 othersThe north african wattan, and Odrodzenie