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The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Algerian-Moroccan Negotiations

The Algerian government had for a long time been a supporter of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and its militia in the Polisario front giving them military aid and bases to operate. However with the upcoming Cairo negotiations and the opportunity to create lots of wealth for Algeria the government invited King Mohammed VI to negotiations where the Moroccans allowed Algeria to build infrastructure (primarily oil and gas pipelines to Europe) through Morocco in exchange for both giving Morocco a 10% discount on all Algerian oil and gas sales (though in exchange Morocco is only allowed to purchase Oil and natural gas from Algeria) and to evict the Polisario front and withdraw aid from the Sahrawi. The Polisario front fought the Algerian government but couldn't match the 600,000 man army of the Maghreb Union.
Algerian president Boumediene said that "The deal will benefit both nations greatly" and economists say the Maghreb union's economy would soon boom because of additional Morrocan oil and gas sales and increase further because of the Cairo deal. Whilst Morroco would no longer have to fight or have a dispute in the Western Sahara and have reduced oil and gas prices for their people.

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