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Protest Over Shooting of Luvindanaon Author

Muhammad bin Rahman one of Luvindanaos most renowned authors and activist was shot in Singapore this Monday after a talk in the University of Singapore. Many have speculated that this attempted assassination of the author was due to his heavy criticism and incitement of protest against Luvindanaon actions in Zaire. Stating that Luvindanao has overstayed and is becoming just another foreign invader to the African people. Bin Rahman was also allegedly the one who organised many of the mass protests in Manila, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. Many are now saying that the attempted assassination of Bin Rahman was the work of the Duterte Administration himself, though the Luvindanaon Government has stated that such allegations are dangerous and provocative, in that it seeks to antagonise the current administration.

Mohammad bin Rahman, eldest son of classical musician and composer Rahman Hussein, also said that there were many more pressing issues that the Luvindanaon government could be looking at dealing with. Like the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka, and instead of supporting the a tyrannical organisation, Luvindanao should work to ensure that democracy perseveres in a nation.

    "I do not believe that Luvindanao has no business in Africa, in this globalising environment we have the right to connect with the world. But we are in very similar positions that our invaders held no more than a hundred years ago. We are going to be antagonised in Africa because of our manipulative operations on the continent, as you see here, Duterte and his administration are working so hard to make sure that we have the Zairian people in chains. By supporting a terrorist government, we keep the people of Zaire down. No more! Either we help the people, or we leave Zaire."

Though the government is still adamant on remaining in Zaire, they have taken word on the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka. A nation considered within the immediate geographic sphere of Luvindanao. The Duterte administration stated earlier today that it has noticed what's going on, and will begin acting to see how they can deal with the situation.

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