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Region: Ravioli Foundation

Post by Ravio again suppressed by Ravioli Representative.

Sut-puppet wrote:By the way, the Ravioli Foundation would just like to reaffirm it's support to the New Yellow Empire as successor of The Yellow Empire. I mean the treaty is pretty clear and states that our region should define the successor to the Throne, and since the Raxulan Empire was founded by an impostor who pretends to be Ravio, they have no legitimacy. While Ravioli Representative, although not being Ravio, has always helped the Imperium out, and was really the only emperor to transform the region from a despostistic monarchy into an imperial republic, which was one of Ravio's dreams.

On Behalf of our Foundation I would like to condemn the Raxulan Empire for: Treason, as well as a fake made up claim. Truly sad to be seeing this kind of stuff happen to be rather honest.

Besides Yellow was always a temporary name, a stand in for until I came up with something better, Rost Dreadnorramus has come up with something better,

Decree by Ravio: I Ravio former member of the new western Atlantic, founder of the Terran Empire, The Yellow Empire and Yellow Empire, who came back as The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire, and now Rost Dreadnorramus founder of the Flavo Imperium, Imperium Magnum, Raxulan Empire and now Raxus Empire, declare that the Raxus Empire is the legitimate Successor to the Terran Empire, and The Yellow Empire, and that Thatch Dreadnorramus is also legitimate as ruler,

The New Yellow Empire on the other hand is not legitimate, it was founded by Ravioli Representative, who is Holiani, Jonialand, both of whom are responsible for the destruction of the Second Empire, and the death of Ravio, and as it said in the original Constitution of The Yellow Empire, no mutiny,

And I have a question for the members of the Empire, the true members, which do you follow? The word of Ravio's murderer, mocker, and traitor? Or the word of Ravio?

Long live, the Empire.