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Saudi Press Agency

After the recent reactions came from Turkey, Ulama decided to address the public once again, this time in a written statement:

"Prime Minister of Turkey was busy attacking our Great King, in the same time when our Sunni Turkmen brothers were and are still being persecuted in Afghanistan by Persian troops. He chose to completely ignore that issue in favor of attacking our homeland and holy traditions. As the Prime Minister denounced the existence of brotherhood between Muslims, whose religious knowledge protectors we are proud to be, he ignored the fact that the Turkmen are not just his brothers by religion but also his brothers by ethnicity. Turkey has a long history, even in it's most liberal days, when their regime preached Turkic brotherhood and now the Prime Minister chose to mention that the non-Muslim Koreans are also their brothers, instead of focusing on Turkmen victims of Afghanistan. We are here to raise a question again, in the name of all good Muslims of the world - When will they help the Turkmen tribes which are their brothers by ethnicity and religion?"

King remained silent this time, believing that he said enough about official Saudi position in his last statement.

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