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    New appointed ambassador to the UN
    President Nayib Bukele has appointed Egriselda Lopez as the new ambassador of Central America to the United Nations (UN) after the former Central American ambassador to the UN resigned for unknown reasons.

    Egriselda Lopez is a career diplomat and has extensive experiences in multileteral affairs, international negotiations, diplomacy and human in rights. Her academic training began in the University of El Salvador in international relations, then pursued a masters in international affairs at the Institute of International Studies and Development in Geneva.

    In 2005 she was assistant executive director of the Central American Foundation of Health (FUCAL), in 2007 she was part of the foriegn relations team and appointed ambassador to the Republic of Korea. In 2013 she was appointed as counselor of the permanent mission of Central America to the UN, in 2015 she was promoted to ministerial council.

    She currently works for the Geneva peace building platform, where she is incharge of elaborating a project on urban violence.

      "I believe that Central America must work even more in the international area and must be more active in international negotiations for what is agreed and made benefits Central America. We really don't have an international image, many dont see geographic strategic that Central America has along other things, and it's time for us to change that we are going to get more involved international wise, take the decision we have to take and do what we have to do.

      We will aslo work on the bitter relations we have with "certain countries", (thats if we even have some) i will give recommendations but the presidency and ministry of foreign affairs. Starting June 1st i will make an analysis about the relations with the certain countries to finally make the decision of government position towards that issue."

    Egriselda Lopez will officially start this position of ambassador to the UN on June 1st and is expected work immediately on the problems, negotiations, etc with the permanent mission of Central America to the UN.