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Massive MHP Rally outside Ayasofya in Istanbul on the 556th anniversary of the Conquest of İstanbul

İstanbul's historic Fatih Municipality was packed with over half a million reported to be in attendance for the new MHP Chairmen Sinan Oğan to address them on this historic day, across İstanbul today many posters were placed up by the cities parties commemorating this day, one of the greatest conquests in Turkish history. On the stage set up for the rally hung five flags, on the far right and far left hung the Turkish flag, in the centre a picture of Sinan Oğan with the MHP flag behind him. To his right the Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and on his left a picture of Mehmet the Conqueror with the Ottoman flag behind him. After making his way to the stage the Turkish anthem was played in a special Mehter beat, a reminder of the nations Ottoman past, afterwards he addressed the crowd.

"İstanbul, today is our greatest day. For an İstanbulite, today is the day that we can proudly say we are from the city that the Turks conquered under the Caeser of Rome! The Kayser-i Rûm, the Lord of the Two Lands and the Two Seas, Sultan Mehmet the Second. A leader whose very tactics and ideas brought the Turkish people victory under the brilliant leadership of our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. İstanbul is the city the Turkish people rode boats through land to get into, a city that millions died to take throughout human history, but it became the city of the Turks. The gem of the Turkish World, the great city that will play host to the 2020 Summer Games, a city that holds the first UEFA championship of this millennium. İstanbul is the city on Seven Hills. The First Hill, the Turkic spirit. That unique ability that is only seen in the Turkic race to conquer all enemies. The Second Hill, the star. The star of the Turkic Race will forever shine bright, and prosper. The Third Hill, the Crescent. Let our martyrs be blessed for ever drip of blood they give for this heavenly nation. The Fourth Hill, the crimson banner. Let the banner soaked in generations of blood that we have given to survive be our shield. The Fifth Hill, our nomadic past. The weight that it caries through each and everyone one of us allows us to move forward, learn from their mistakes and successes to better ourselves. The Sixth Hill, Turkic Greatness. The Turkic Race has dominated every landmass that they have had a state in, and will continue to do so until the end of time. The final hill, the Seventh Hill is a quote. It is a quote from Fatih Sultan Mehmet himself, it reads 'It is hard to be a Turk, because you have to fight the world. But it is harder not to be a Turk, because then you would have to fight the Turks'. These words could never be truer today as two enemies have come to try and strike down the Turkic Race. To our south stands the Arabs, like caged animals waiting to be let out to wreak havoc on all. To our west stand the Greeks, a disgrace to their former selves. Obsessed with their defeat at the hands of every single nation that has torn through Greece. The Greek people have grown comfortable and greedy once more, looking to retake lands they lost to our brilliant Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Since the Turks arrived in 1071, ripping through Malazgirt into Anatolia, the Greek nations have been toppled dozens of times over. But do you what to know what separates us from the our neighbours to the west? Sympathy. When the Turks retook İzmir, our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was given a choice. Step on the Greek flag while you entered the building, or trample over the flag like the Greeks had done when entering the occupation of the city began. Today this city is a sign of all this history all in one, a city that is an example to Europe and the rest of the World in what a modern city looks like. To what a global city looks like. İstanbul has always been the capital of the world, today still is the capital of the world, and will remain to be just that for generations to come. The world has called this city many things, but we are the lucky millions that get to call it one thing no one else can. Home."