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    Pr. Adrian Vasilakis

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The Greeks have a long history of living elsewhere besides mainland Greece, however we should focus on the main situation between Greece and Turkey. A significant number of Greeks and Greek Cypriots live under the Turkish government. Itís concerning how well the Turkish government has silenced the outcry for independence from the country of Cyprus. By the late 1960s, approximately 60,000 Turkish Cypriots had left their homes and moved into enclaves within the country, however history states that the Turks did not leave the country following the already Turkish occupation of the country. With this deep wound between our countryís history, we have seen little to no response from the Turkish government to better enhance relations with the Greek Cypriots living within that occupied country. Why stop at Cyprus? Let's take a look at Crete, the largest populated island out of all the Greek Islands, home to ancient Greek history such as In 1420 BC, the Minoan civilization was overrun by the Mycenaean civilization from mainland Greece. The oldest samples of writing in the Greek language, as identified by Michael Ventris were founded on this island. The Island is also home to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, which is the largest Greek Museum on Turkish soil? The Greek people are upset that their history and culture have been stripped from their country, and awarded to the Turkish government. Especially after what the Greeks have suffered genocide in the hands of enemy while these precious and irreplaceable artifacts are held hostage. The Greek people must rebuke this unfairness today, right now! We must not stand for the short end of the Turkish pride stick, that stick must be broken and served as justice for what they have done to our people for hundreds of years! We pray to God that he will deliver us our salvation by electing Kyriakos Mitsotakis as our new Prime Minister. We must make the Hellenic Republic greater again, for the sake of our heritage and people!

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