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Prime Minister Enveroğlu denounces Saudi Ulema

During his multi day trip to the State of Israel, Prime Minister Enveroğlu responded to the condemnation of Turkey by the Ulema of Saudi Arabia. He responded to this while visiting Turkey's embassy in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. The address was done from the roof of the embassy, facing towards the holy buildings of the old city. The response was published on the Prime Ministers social media.

"Brothers? What brotherhood? The idea of brotherhood should not, and can not be based on religious lines. The nations of Turkey and Korea are brothers, that like many nations who claim to be brothers are not based on religious lines. The premodern world that the Ulema have forced on the people of Saudi Arabia is unforgivable to begin with, and to have the audacity to suggest a brotherhood between Saudi Arabia and Turkey is simply ignorant. The only betrayal that has taken place is that of the Ulema, and their copycats across the Muslim World who have turned Islam into a weapon. Who have weaponized our beautiful religion, who have wished to rule through the worlds of the prophet. To place themselves on the level as Allah in order to push forward a movement to strip half of humanity of its rights. To treat our mothers, sisters, daughters as nothing more than trash. Then to want to kill anyone in your society who are LGBTG+, unfortunately the Ulema has poisoned generations of Saudis who could have led their people to greatness. But one day someone will rise in Saudi Arabia who will lead its nations to modern standards, and to a brighter future than before. We stand in support of those individuals who live under the evil grip of the Ulema who share the same spirit of revolution that the Turks have held since the end of the Great War. Now those people, those who fight for their rights against the oppression of Ulema lead Islamist governments are our brothers. Those in the Muslim world who fight for change, who fight for reform, who fight to better our religion and its followers. The Turks took the first step in 1923, the Muslim world followed behind us, we will no longer stand by and watch our brothers struggle against grip of the Ulema!"

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