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Region: Right to Life

Havilland wrote:Say, how're the Jesuits in Ireland doing? I have this Jesuit Brother friend who had his tertianship in Dublin. He did some teaching on the side at some boarding school. According to him he felt the very anti-clerical Irish climate even in that school, like they actually don't trust priests.

Oh cool to hear! I'll be praying for that. How're the Passionists in the vocations side of things?

The Jesuits would have a bit of presence here, but I think most of them are either in Dublin or Galway, none in the North of Ireland that I know of. Perhaps they may have 10-15 priests here. Vocations I think they are having trouble compared to the Dioceses and Orders, so I'm sure they are eager for anyone who's interested. Anti-clericalism is rife in the south of Ireland, and distrust is of course down to the abuse crisis, which scarred the Church terribly. Of course this is also the result of a more secular culture as well.

Thanks for the prayers, the Passionists is a small congregation in Ireland but they have five students, four for priesthood and one training to be a brother. I'm told that there will be, I think, five others at this vocation weekend so I'd say the Passionists are doing well, all things considered.

Here's the Irish Jesuit Website if your more curious about them: