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After the latest exchange of fire came out between Turkish officials and Afghanistan Government over the question of Turkmen tribes uprising against Persian penetration into their territories, the official guardians of Sunni religious knowledge - the ulamas, condemned Turkish policy over status of Turkmen people in Afghanistan. In a video message, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh said following about Turkish leadership:

"Shame on you, our misguided brothers!
The lie stands behind you, and the grave stands before you!
No matter what you say about your care for our Turkmen brothers, everyone knows how fictional it is. Turkmen tribes would not survive from your sweet words. All good Muslims, including them, knows that you betrayed Turkmens when you decided not to do anything. That goes against all fellow Muslim brothers and our holy beliefs! We feel the greatest pain when we look how separated Muslims still are, but your movement would be a just caused and should be supported by the rest of the Islamic world! Arabs are generous, but they will never forget you such a dirty move, if you don't do anything to help Turkmens. If you decide to intervene, the Muslims should unite once again against the sheitans from over the Gulf (Persians), but if you stay silent, the Allah would justify you!"

After this message was published, King Salman felt a need to go public and explain an official Saudi position over this question, in order not to provoke a radical interpretations. In his statement, he was much more rational, calling for everyone to calm down, sit and accept the reality.

"Our ulama, may Allah give them long lives, from times to times make their messages far too emotional. We need to understand their position, as ones who are gifted with duty of guarding the highest knowledge, but in order to lead an productive diplomatic policy, we need to be more calm. We do not need to interfere the Turkish internal matters at the moment, because that move is not a wise move. But we need to warn them on how dangerous it may be to offer a hand to sheitan, because the sheitan knows how to misguide a man. And not to do anything over the Turkmen situation in Afghanistan would be a clear hand to the sheitan. We need to sit and talk, and to accept the reality with everyone needed, because that is what modern days are offering to us."

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