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    Venstre Joins Government Coalition

      Venstre Chairman former Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen recently announced that his party will re-enter the government coalition that is headed by the DPP as a supporting party rather than as a full member of the coalition. This is after he and Prime Minister Kristian Dahl had a meeting which a deal came into fruition wherein in exchange for the Venstre's support, the Dahl administration will continue some of his [Rasmussen] administration's domestic policies and programs, including the ban on full-face veils which has been in effect since last year. The remnants of the Venstre, after losing 21 seats in the last general elections had previously expressed their preference in favor of joining the DPP-majority government than the opposition which is still headed by the Social Democrats. This, therefore, mimics the composition of the Folketing during Rasmussen's Premiership with no party jumping to and from the government and opposition sections. Analysts suggest that Venstre's entry to the government coalition is too expected given their incompatibility to work with the Opposition and the deal between Rasmussen and Dahl is rather redundant given the core policies of the DPP which are slightly similar to Venstre's. What this means for the DPP is that they are able to gain more supporters in the Folketing, dominating it more which will be further strengthened if the Speaker is from the DPP as well, whose elections will follow after the Queen's Sovereign Speech, the ceremonial prerequisite before the parliamentary calendar begins.

    Denmark Lifts Travel Warning on Sri Lanka

      A month after Denmark enforced a State of Restricted Travel towards Sri Lanka (Izham) following the series of political violence that poses a threat to incoming Danish tourists into the country, the Foreign Ministry finally lifted the order in search for 'other ways to handle the situation'. Minister #placeholder# recently signed and enacted Ministerial Order #935 which completely nullifies the earlier Ministerial Order #857 which put the State of Restricted Travel to Sri Lanka in the first place. The order restores the status quo between Denmark and Sri Lanka before the enactment of Order #857 and removes any form of travel restrictions that were put in place on airlines and travel companies. The Foreign Ministry also orders the Danish delegation in Colombo to 'resume normal operations' removing the 6-hour policy where the embassy only opens from 11 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon as a sign of confidence.

      With that, Minister #placeholder# wishes to discuss several agendas with the Sri Lankan ambassador to which he did not disclose during the announcement though it is likely that it will be regarding Danish security and humanitarian intervention to expedite the resolution.