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Furbish Islands wrote:While we are discussing interracial marriage, here's a question: what makes you part of a certain race?

Human skin color is not simply just black and just white. There are many shades of white skin tones, many shades of black skin tones, and everything in between.

If it's decided by ancestry, then different questions arise. How long ago do you have to have an ancestor that's a certain race to be counted as part of it? Let's say having at least one grandparent of that race makes you part of it. But what if you have a great-great-grandparent who is that race? That makes his grandchild part of that race, and because he is your grandparent, you are part of that race as well, even though you only have 6.25% of his genes. But if we look back at our ancestors far enough, humans originated in Africa. Does that mean we are all African?

Haplogroup classification plays a big role in race.