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Islamic State of Afghanistan wrote:The Kabul Times
"لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله

Tensions among Turkmen ethnic groups growing; Kabul, Afghanistan

The signing of the Afghan-Persian union saw the agreement to allow the Afsharid Persia Armed Forces (APAF) access to Afghanistan to help combat capability of the Afghan National Army. The entry of APAF soldiers was welcomed under the Ghani administration, along with various ethnic groups throughout the region. However, in recent days, tensions have been growing in the North-Western provinces of Afghanistan, where the Turkmen ethnic group is concentrated. Protests have erupted with clashes with the Afghan National Police and the now assisting APAF forces. Protesters are calling for an armed rebellion against the Afghan government and an end to "Iranianization." The now armed militias further blame the APAF as forces that are being used to oppress their heritage and culture. As of now, most protests are considered peaceful, however many are turning to the blade to fight away Afghan forces.

"I call upon all citizens of Afghanistan to sit down and have civil discussion. We are one nation, no matter our ethnic groups or religion. We are one people, we cannot let ourselves fall to warlordism once again." President Ghani gave a speech today at the Presidential Palace in Kabul calling for the militias to stand down and instead pursue peaceful dialogue. Ambassadors and Generals from Afsharid Persia have been called in with meetings with high ranking generals in the ANA.

An additional ANA Kandak has been sent to the northern provinces to prevent further violence and escalation. So far 6 soldiers of the ANA have been killed, with 13 protesters dead and 23 detained awaiting trials.

This story is currently unfolding, as further news is revealed The Kabul Times will update the article.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Statement regarding Afghan aggression on its Turkmen population

The Afghan governments choice to permit the use of violence against its Turkmen population is simply unacceptable, furthermore the actions of the Persian government against the Turkmen has been acceptable once more and puts into question the Persian Armed Forces cooperation with the Turkish Armed Forces in the past decades. The Turkish Republic is calling for an immediate halt to the actions of the Afghan and Persian governments, and for them to reconsider their actions against the Turkmen before the situation gets out of hand.

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