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Region: Right to Life

Lutheran Commonwealth wrote:Yeah, I've seen some people on YouTube wearing this necklace:

Where they are adhering to what they call Odinism:

Although I can't see how that can be any better than Christianity, as a religion and meaning of life. I mean I've studied Norse mythology for a shorter period at school, and I can only see it as that, as a mythology and nothing more.

I doubt folk taking on this religion are making a side-by-side comparison with Christianity, but rather are mostly seeking to
assert a sense of individuality or seeking attention by making a point of taking a religion that others won't take seriously by default.

It's basically an "I'm special look at me" kind of deal, not a "I believe that I've found some deeper spiritual truth" thing, I reckon.

I'm sure there's some sincere Odin-worshippers out there as well, of course, but I suspect that a large proportion of converts are in it out of a desire to be deliberately different rather than genuine faith in Odin. Either that or a more general spiritual "all religions are true as each other, so I'm symbolically picking this one" sort of thing.