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    | A nationwide election has been held in 26 May 2019
    to determine which parties shall represent the Poles in
    the EU Parliament. After three counts and recounts of
    the votes (64.81%), here are the final results: |

    • National Revival of Poland 74.3%

    • Law and Justice 14.22%

    • Agreement 8.5%

    • United Poland 2.98%

(OOC: Is that right?)

In other news,

    Banknote design contest! Artists, university students,
    and senior high school students have been asked to
    submit their own version of złoty banknotes as the
    National Bank of Poland has decided to replace its
    current banknotes. The contest is held by the National
    Bank of Poland.
    (27 May 2019)

    Banana protests! In response to the initial decision
    to remove from display at the National Museum in
    Warsaw the 1973 video "Consumer Art" by artist
    Natalia LL, which shows a woman eating a banana,
    dozens of Poles posted pictures of themselves with
    bananas on social media with the hashtag #bananaselfie.
    (28 May 2019)

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