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The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Algerian purge

The government realizes it's military and civil departments (ministers etc.) are full of incompetent and corrupt men so it initiates a great scouring and purge of its government departments and military officers. This results in many corrupt and incompetent men being accused of treason or dismissed from their positions and so the government instead promotes and assigns positions based on merit. This action is taken with the backing of other Arab league states. However some say that the action had an underlining motive as the purge primarily targeted men against pan-Arabism and the recent joining of the Arab league and those in favour of it were quickly appointed or promoted. Whilst ideological differences in government were removed the purge still had great economic and military benefits to the state as the army quickly gained new competent and loyal leaders and the government's corruption levels wen't down massively and everything was run smoother. This move would allow the government to gain the funds to embark on many other moves and improve the military in the future. This action takes 3 weeks to fully root out the corrupt and incompetent officials (and ones not loyal to the regime and ideology).

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