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Investments Into the Military and Education

Today we witnessed the signing of a great initiative by our great president that will help strengthen our country. This bill was passed by parliament yesterday and official.y became a law when signed by our president today.

Military Investments
The first part of the bill calls for the army to immediately divert 10% of all money spent on purchasing weapons to investments in the country's domestic weapon production. This will help stimulate our economy and will allow our military by allowing us to obtain weapons cheaper and on demand. Our days of relying on imperialist countries for our weapons and protection are numbered. The military will also divert 5% of the funds each year until eventually 100% of our great army's weapons are manufactured domestically.

Education Investments
The other part of the bill implements a new education tax that will be paid back to the people through improvements in education with a focus on colleges. The tax will be a 1% sales tax. The goal of this initiative is to provide scholarships for our many brilliant students that cannot afford to go to college. We have many students that go through our already free high school system while placing at the top of their class that end up not going to college because they cannot afford it. This bill will fund those student's education in return for their guarantee to work in the country for at least 5 years to limit the number of students that study in our universities and then go work outside the country. This is an investment into our economy and will make sure the country has a larger pool of educated workers.