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Luvindanaon Maritime Research Development Programme

In attempts of better understanding the Mariana trench, the Luvindanaon government in cooperation with the National University of Luvindanao and the University of Singapore is seeking to send several dive studies to the very bottom of the Mariana trench to conduct a thorough analysis of the deepest parts of the worlds surface. Professor Stephen Li of the university of Singapore said that there are likely to be countless new species of fish and crustaceans to be discovered. He also stated of that understanding the oceans could better our abilities to preserve and protect it. The Luvindanaon Navy has offered to help aid in the research by providing vessels, but the University of Luvindanao and Singapore have both requested that Military participation to remain minimal as not to incite a debate amongst the academic community, nor to allow the military to take advantage of the developments for any form of warfare. Professor Stephen Li stated that the Mariana Trench should remain out of the reach of any military activities as it is an extremely fragile and alien habitat.

Though the Luvindanaon Navy has been restricted, they are still cooperating with the new Development Programme. There is a goal to set up a permanent underwater complex in the Philippine Sea, where scientific research can be conducted on a regular level. Unlike most underwater research structures, the Luvindanaon Maritime Research Development Programme wants to construct a large complex to house researchers and visitors, alongside appropriate technology to conduct proper research.

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