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The sixth french-republic

2019 European Parliament election results

Held on the 29 May, the French People have decided who they chose to represent them in the European Arena. The National Rally and the newly formed coalition of REM–MoDem–Agir–MR have taken 23 seats each; The French Green Party was able to take 13 seats, placing just behind the two larger parties; The Republic-Centrist Coalition has won just 8 seats; While La France insoumise and the Socialist Coalition each winning 6 seats.

Jean-Marie Le Pen spoke out in regards to election results, calling it a victory for the French Republic.

    "It is almost impossible to imagine the great French state ruled by non-European entities, but alas we have submitted ourselves to the will of those from beyond this continent, though the tides have changed and we must now act as a republic in defense of Europe."

This new change comes in response to a new wave of French Nationalism, led by figures like Marine Le Pen, François-Xavier Bellamy and even Emmanuel Macron. Though each figure have varying ideals of French Nationalism, they all stand by the virtues of liberty under the French Republic. Marine Le Pen and François-Xavier Bellamy both are in favour of reuniting metropolitan France with it's former African colonies as a united entity under Paris. Le Pen stating that it is the responsibility of the French people to reach out to those that share our language, and help them to bring prestige to the Francophone world. Bellamy also shares the sentiments of a reunited French Empire, but has gone further to state that he seeks Quebec to unify with France; Stating that, he felt France has been undermined for too long, and that the French state is in dire need to revitalisation. Macron to a degree also believes in stronger ties with the former French colonies, but does not believe in full annexation, instead hoping to create stronger bonds with its former colonies. But all three share the idea of a Francophone world that rivals that of the Anglophones, in terms of prestige and influence.

With the new mostly unanimous Gaullist ideals, Marie Le Pen stated that her party will be ensuring to strive for European values, as envisioned by France.

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