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Devlet Bahçeli steps down, Sinan Oğan selected as successor

Today during the MHP Assembly MHP Chairmen Devlet Bahçeli, Chairmen from 1997-2019, leading the party since the death of the 6th President and founder of the MHP Alparslan Türkeş. It was a historic moment when Devlet Bahçeli who led Turkey from 2008-2016, and was set to challenge President Meral Akşener in the upcoming election cycle, but due the health problems it was first reported by Habertürk to Bahçeli would be looking to step away from the politics. Today we saw that come to fruition, with him appointing Sinan Oğan as his replacement, to become the new face of the party and the face of the Turkish nationalist movement. Sinan Oğan, born in Iğdır to an Azeri family. He graduated from Marmara University in 1989, and worked as deputy dean at the Azerbaijan State Economic University. From 1994 to 1998 he also serverd as a representative for TIKA of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has won multiple awards throughout his career at home and abroad, receiving the Turkic World Service Award from Eurasia Economic Relations Association and Honor Award from Federation of Oghuz Tribe Cultural Associations. Afterwards he addressed the MHP for the first as the new Chairmen of the party.

"My brothers and sisters, we honour the great service our leader Devlet Bahçeli, and Alparslan Türkeş have done before us. And we must recognize that they will always hold a special place in our hearts because of it. The advancement of the Idealist movement. The Idealist Clubs must flourish across not just Turkey, but the Turkic world. They must flourish across the world where ever Turks may live. We must stand behind the Turkic ideals that have gotten the Turkish Republic this far, and we must continue to fight with those ideals in heart to further the Turkic people. Away from the false song of a European Union, away from the false song of American greed, away from the false song of NATO. It is time that Turkic World comes together as One State, One Race, One Army. Together the Turkic World lead us into a new golden age! One where the Turkic people stand above the rest, above the forgotten, above the weak, the defeated. The MHP for too long has been vilified by the European Union, by our own media and by our schools. We will no longer let this slide by, we will no longer stay quite! Everyone will speak up against the injustice that has taken place against the MHP, one that has set to destroy our image above all, cast pride of our nation as nothing more than worship of a defunct empire. We worship the grounds our ancestors died to defend, we worship the very spirit of our ancestors as they marched from Central Asia all the way to the Battle of Malazgirt where the Turkic Race marched through the gates of Anatolia and changed the course of human history forever. We worship the spirit of the the great man who conquered İstanbul at the age of 21. We worship the spirit of our ancestors who sent the ANZACs back in coffins for daring to strip the Turkic Race of its blood right. We worship the footsteps of our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in a never ending fight against the non Turkic peoples for our survival. We fight on this modern battle field with the same conviction as the heros who fought besides Ertuğrul, Osman, Süleyman, Mehmet, Murat, Mustafa Kemal, and so many other Turks whose scarifies are why we stand free today. It is why us, the Turkic Race, must stand as one people. One great people that have dominated the world since the dawn of time. Our great people must unite before it is too late. We must remember one thing, for all of Turkic history one thing has been true. Tengri! Biz! Menen!" (God is with us)