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Region: The North Pacific

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Min gott why is it so large is large than the British Mongol empire is is is a fat walnut

Prydania wrote:So I first got the job after MJ had to step down at the end of Ghost's term. So I just filled out the last seven days and made sure the i's that weren't dotted and t's that weren't crossed got dotted and crossed.
Fiji asked me if I'd be interested in staying on, and I was hesitant at first. I didn't tell him that actually, but part of me wanted to refuse. I took the dive though, because I had a vision for the office I thought could work out well if done right.

I have one of each, but I'm a cat person.

The Notorious Mad Jack, Darcania, and McMasterdonia would be my biggest influences in helping me find my footing. MJ for helping me find my way in Eras RP, Darc for being an all-around great guy whose commitment to the region is second to none and who has always been a great person to talk to about nearly anything, and McM for bringing me into Culture and showing me the ropes of how the Ministry works. As well as being a great Admin who really gets the RP community.

I would tell them to find the story they want to tell. Many people think "national RP" is a type of RP, but it's not. It's merely a setting. Character work and narrative is as important in NS RP as it is anywhere else. I would say they need to figure out what the story of their nation is and what character or characters will be at the forefront of that.

I can't help you. All I can I say is don't pee in the parking garage.

I'm all for legalized weed but the rest I would say no :P

I think we get more engaged with the GP community in NS as a whole but other than that? TNP's strength is its ability to keep on keeping on.

That the culture and tradition that values democracy and mutual respect regardless of political ideals remains firmly entrenched.

I have tourette syndrome. It's something I've worked to overcome all my life.

Jurassic Park
V for Vendetta
Beowulf and Grendel
Any of the Lord of the Rings movies
Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

I have no idea! Probably not as high as I think it is though.

Nah. Military gameplay has never been my cup of tea. That said the NPA is amazing!

Both of my Deputies Goyanes and Syrixia have done all I ask of them so far :)


If only he'd let me in :(

The ultimate kryponite for Syrixia and Bobberino1

The North Pacific is stable.

Oh good G-d that would be a nightmare XD

Run for Justice!

McMasterdonia or Eluvatar. We all owe them a huge debt.