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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty

May 1995
An Unacceptable Insult

President Karpal Singh Responds to Council of Asia Policy on the Spratly Islands

President Karpal Singh “The recent Council of Asia policy in regards to the Spratly Islands, which is ostensibly to achieve regional peace through combining the respective claims of its member states under a single organizational institution and sharing its resources, is not only an insult to Malaysia but a direct attack on our sovereignty, as islands we administer and claim are also included as a result of the Filipino claim, which overlaps with ours. It is clear that the lack of prior discussion between the members of the Council of Asia and the Malaysian Government in regards to these islands is an unacceptable insult, a slap in the face to every Malaysian, and as such we will not recognize the council decision and will continue our claim and administration over the islands which we rightfully occupy.”