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Trive 38 wrote:It works for me!

You are either brilliant, in classes that are way to easy, or the Brazilian education system doesn’t put as much emphasis on Exams than USA does. Personally, I haven’t put too many hours into studying either (just a lot of time into math) but I literally know people who will log like 30 hours this week just studying for exams.

You also have the issue of College admissions. If they weren’t so strict I would be fine with just passing. An 80% in math seems fine to me. The issue is that nowadays it would seem you basicly need a 5.0 GPA to get literally anywhere.

It used to be that if you were a bright kid you might think to yourself: “If I work realy hard I have a shot at Stanford or Harvard or MIT (if you are a tech guy)”

Now it’s like: “Maybe if I literally get all “A”s, speak 4 languages proficiently, play 3 instruments (all of different instrument families), play 2 sports on Varsity Level, and am on the debate team I might have a slim shot at a good college.”

I guess the issue is that more people are going to college than ever. It went from: “You are going to college, wow, you must be a smart dude.” to “Going to College? Neat.” to “You are going to college.(emphasis on the period denoting finality).”

I don’t realy know what to make of it. To conclude my rant: If ONLY I was in a position where I could just study for an hour for all of it, Trive. I am infinitely envious.