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    DPP-Majority Government Sworn In

      DPP Chairman, now sworn-in Prime Minister Kristian Dahl, with the 19 chosen ministers that will consist of the first Dahl Cabinet presented themselves before Her Majesty Queen Margrethe in Amalienborg Palace last Thursday for their oath-taking and their first errand as a minister, a meeting with the Queen. A humble yet full of pomp and circumstance, the ceremony involves several rituals which include a knighting ceremony as a sign of formally elevating them to their ministerial position if the oathtaking is not enough, and the reading of the Grant of Position made by the Privy Council, which makes their position confirmed before the Queen through the Privy Council, if the elections, oathtaking, and the knighting ceremony is just not enough. Also witnessing the ceremony was Crown Prince Frederik who had just arrived from his trip from France (The Sixth French-Republic), and former Queen Anne-Marie of Greece who was simply paying a visit to her sister when the ceremony was taking place. In the Queen's statement before the newly-appointed ministers, she expressed her hope as 'her' government is expected to drive Denmark to a new direction, hoping it will be "the true route this time", faintly referencing the Visual Novel game genre. Talking demographics, the first Dahl Cabinet consists of 19 ministers, 17 are from the DPP, one from the Conservative Party, and another one from the Liberal Alliance; only three ministers are women, making it 84% male; their mean age is 34. Surprisingly, there is still no LGBTQ+ minister.

      Dahl's Cabinet will make their first appearance before their colleagues in the Folketing will be on June 19 during the Sovereign's Speech where the Queen will address the newly-formed Parliament shortly before the first parliamentary session begins.

    Denmark Enjoys Their New Toys

      The last batch of the ordered Kawasaki P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and the giant A400M Atlas Transports finally arrived in Aalborg Air Base in Aalborg yesterday in fulfillment of the arms deal that was struck between Denmark, Japan (Naru Japan), and Germany which amounted to USD2.6 Billion. These new fine additions to the Air Force were paraded by having a flypast which was attended by Air Command Chief Anders Rex and Chief of Defence General Bjørn Bisserup. Former Defence Minister Claus Frederiksen also attended the after his term as Defence Minister ended the day before. The RDAF's Own Trailblazers, Denmark's aerobatics display team equivalent to the Red Arrows and the Blue Angels performed their maneuvering routines which made the audience watch in awe. When the Air Command Chief was asked about the possibility of an increased frequency of military exercises in Denmark, he welcomed the idea and will gladly support it if such proposals were to be given to the Defence Minister.

        "I personally think Denmark is ripe enough to step up its game in terms of global military projection. We should start thinking about how we can use these fine machines as a testimony that we are relevant despite our size. And I believe military exercises will give the same effect."

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