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            Greenies, Old People, and the Chinese
            Melbourne, Sydney, Albury-Wodonga

Only a week into Morrison's Presidency, and Australia is already angry.

Thousands of mostly school-aged Melbournians have taken to the streets in a mass 'die-in,' protesting for the Federal Govenment to do something about cliamte change. The rally, hosted by a group called Extinction Rebellion, blocked Swanston street, causing mass traffic jams (ironically). The group took to the streets with posters saying "The climate emergency is not a political issue, it is a scientific fact," "Denial is not a policy" and "How dare you steal our future".

The group are hoping to see the Federal Government make a plan on cutting carbon emmissions by 2025. The group are particularly angered by the Federal Government's decision to allow Indian multimillion dollar mining company "Adani" begin construction on a coal mine in northern Queensland. Adani will be the biggest coal mine in Australia. A large greenie movement, "#StopAdani," have been strongly against what they believe is the biggest contributer to climate change in Australia. Following is the front page of their website,;

    "What is the leading cause of climate change? The mining and burning of coal.

    After enduring a summer of intense heat waves, bushfires, drought, floods and storms, Australians are increasingly aware of the threat global warming poses to our way of life.

    If the Adani Group gets its way, it will dig the biggest coal mine in Australia's history. The Adani mine - planned to be built inland of the Great Barrier Reef - would be one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

    If built, Adaniís mine, rail and port project will:

    Destroy the ancestral lands, waters and cultures of Indigenous people without their consent.
    Allow 500 more coal ships to travel through the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area every year for 60 years.
    Get access to 270 billion litres of Queensland's precious groundwater for 60 years, for free.
    Risk damaging aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin.
    Add 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon pollution to our atmosphere.

    Critically, if allowed to go ahead, Adaniís Carmichael coal mine will unlock the Galilee Basin - one of the world's largest untapped coal deposits - paving the way for at least eight more coal mines to be built. All in a time when the world knows it must be walking away from coal and investing in clean energy.

    We must stop this mine. How will we do it? With the support and actions of millions of Australians like you, doing what it takes to say #StopAdani and stop this mine."

Meanwhile, in Sydney, Thousands of protesters have waved "Abolish Australia" posters in the lead up to National Sorry Day on the 26th. National Sorry Day is a day in which the Australian population 'say sorry' to the Indigenous Population. This was the day back in 2007 that Democrat President Kevin Rudd made the first public appology to the Indigenous community. Following is an article from the Daily Mail;

      Thousands of protesters in both Sydney and Melbourne took to the streets to raise awareness about climate change, species extinction and Aboriginal issues - but it quickly turned political as a week of frustration at Scott Morrison's election win boiled over.

      Activist group Extinction Rebellion organised the rally in Melbourne at Victoria's Parliament House on Friday, in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike, to pressure the Government to act on climate change.

      At the conclusion of a similar rally in Sydney's CBD, demonstrators joined Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) to march from Hyde Park Fountain to NSW Parliament.

      The Aboriginal group are calling for newly elected President Scott Morrison to abolish forced adoption laws ahead of National Sorry Day on Sunday.

      GMAR founder Aunty Hazel Collins said: 'I want to address Scott Morrison and I want to ask the question: ''What is he going to do as Prime Minister in relation to the ongoing Stolen Generations?'''

      'Is he going to abolish forced adoption laws? Is he going to address the growing number of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care?'

      'Or is he going to be like previous governments that continue to practice genocide in Australia?'

      One protester was seen clutching to an 'Abolish Australia' poster while attending the march on Friday afternoon.

      'Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land,' another poster read.

      Demonstrators displayed the colours of the Indigenous flag - black, yellow and red - as they walked through Sydney on Friday.

      Sunday will mark 22 years of National Sorry Day.

      A number of young people decided to join the Sorry Day rally after attending a climate change protest at Town Hall Square.

      Up to one-thousand protesters arrived in Sydney, sporting their most decorative posters, to demand politicians and business leaders lower their emissions.

      The rallies come less than a week after the Federal Election on May 18, where the Coalition was elected for third term.

      In Melbourne, thousands of climate change crusaders filled the streets in the CBD to stage a massive 'die in'.

      The colourful activists flooded the streets from midday with placards directed at freshly-elected President Scott Morrison.

      Authorities warned Melbourne residents of lengthy traffic delays due to road closures across the city.

      A statement from the rally organisers said: 'The climate emergency is not a political issue, it is a scientific fact.

      'Democrat or Republican, the environment does not care. The Government must take action on climate change NOW!'

      Some protesters decided to dress up for the occasion, donning white face paint and black clothing to appear as a corpse.

      Others proudly held up their posters which urged for immediate action on climate change, notably the use of fossil fuels.

      'Denial is death,' one poster read.

      'Stop using fossil fuels or life as we know it will die,' another said.

      A large banner, held by a group of girls who had skipped school, quoted Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who first urged students to strike for the climate.

      'I want you to act as if the house is on fire... because it is,' the poster said.

      The rally began at Parliament House before demonstrators began to march along Swanston Street and towards the State Library.

      Residents were urged to be patient, plan ahead and allow extra time when travelling into Melbourne's CBD, with Spring Street and Bourke Street shut for the protest.

      'A number of traffic management points will be in place with Bourke, Swanston, Collins and Flinders streets to be affected at various times from approximately 12pm until 3pm,' Victoria Police said in a statement.

      Police also stressed the importance of a peaceful protest.

      'Individuals have the right to lawfully attend events and protest, however we ask that people do so peacefully and respectfully without impacting on the rest of the community,' they said.

      'Victoria Police will not tolerate those who break the law or engage in antisocial or violent behaviour.'

      VicTraffic recommends travellers check transport updates as some bus replacements have been brought in due to the road closures.

      Organisers expected at least 5,000 protesters to attend the rally, which involved a demonstration of lying 'dead' to show the Earth's sixth mass extinction.

      The action coincides with the Global Climate Strike.

      Extinction Rebellion has organised protests around the world including in Hungary and London, where demonstrators reportedly glued themselves to the ground.

      Not all residents were fond of the protest, with many wondering why the demonstrators were willing to skip out of work and school.

      'Police preparing for another waste of space climate change protest in Melbourne,' one person Tweeted with an image of police.

      'Australia make two per cent impact on the world's climate. Suggest the idiots march on the US, China, India and SE Asia.

      'More Green and Socialist morons wasting people's time!'

      Another said: 'Don't these climate change protesters work? Why can't they protest on the weekend by the beach so they don't bother anyone?'

      'Who's not happy now? Hope there's no primary school children involved this time,' one person wrote.

President Scott Morrison has stated that climate change is "not our fault," and that he would much rather schoolkids "go to school where they can be educated" instead of following "false socialist lies." Morrison has also annouced that Australian industries who send their waste to other countries, particularly Luvindanao, and has finally made an offical statement on Izham. He has also faced critisism over his statements on The Zhongguo People Republic.

    "Climate change is not our fault. The Ice Age ended way before we had steam trains and coal mines, and even if it was because of mankind, Australia's contribution is minute compared to that of say China. The Federal Government has far more important things, such as families, workers, and businesses, that need our help before we can address pseudosciences. I would much rather that our school children go to school where they can be educated, and not brainwashed by false socialist lies.
    Evironmentalists would be pleased to hear, however, that Australian businesses caught sending rubbish overseas will be punished finacially. Instead, we would rather businesses find ways to keep rubbish in Australia, and out of developing countries and out of our oceans. For too long, our rubbish has been sent overseas, upsetting our neighbours and our oceans. These should become our top pritority. I know that the Queensland government, for example, are doing their best to work with evironmentalists on saving the Great Barrier Reef, which is slowly dying before our eyes.
    On the topic of international affairs, I would like to warn Australians on the current developments in Sri Lanka. We are seeing a government battling extremists, while trying to maintain peace. Australia will be sending peacekeeping forces over the next month to Sri Lanka, and in the mean time, we have placed a total travel ban to the nation, and we are doing our best to get Australians out of Sri Lanka as fast as possible.
    Also, on a slightly unrelated note, we as the National Republican Party have decided that we will annouce our statement on the People's Republic of China as follows;
    The People's Republic of China is currently run by an illegitamete government. Chairman Mao and his Communist Party of China took over in a political coup back in the 1940s-1950s. The elected, geniune government, has since been exiled to Taiwan and have been oppressed ever since. With Australia's ban on Hauwai a few months ago, and the recent buildup of tentions in the South China Sea, it has been decided by the Australian Government to uncover the lies of the Chinese Government. The Chinese Government has not been choosen by the people, who instead have been brainwashed by their government to believe that their country is flawless. This is a violation of basic rights, and have appalled the AUstralian Government. I, President Scott Morrison, is open to talks with the Communist Regime in China reguarding any comments made today, but may it be clear that Australia does not accept the government of China, and we no longer fear the oppresive regime, but instead stand up to it."