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Turkish Armed Forces hold exercises the in East Mediterranean and Kilis

The might of the Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Naval Forces and Turkish Air Force were on full display today as three military exercises were held simultaneously in the Eastern Mediterranean and Kilis as TRT was given exclusive footage of all three. A show of might by the Turkish Navy, one of the largest in the world, with Admiral Adnan Özbal comparing today navies might to that of the Ottoman Navy under Ottoman Admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa. Next in Cyprus the Turkish Air Force continued to show its might, with 2,500 paratroopers landing in Cyprus from nearby ships, showing the effectiveness of the Air Force and Paratroops in the ordeal. Finally the Land Forces where the Altay Tank and the J-600T Yıldırım were on display, one of the many Turkish made weapons that the Turkish army uses that makes it one of the worlds strongest and fiercest fighting forces. General Commands Chief of the General Staff Commander of Land Forces Hulusi Akar had the following to tell TRT, a direct message to Turkey's allies and enemies around the world.

"History repeats itself. Their is a reason the Turkic people had 16 Great Empires. The Great Hunnic Empire, the Western Hunnic Empire, the European Hunnic Empire, the White Hunnic Empire, the White Hunnic Empire, Göktürk Empire, the Avar Khaganate, the Khazar Khaganate, the Uyghur Khaganate, the Kara-Khanids, the Ghaznavids, the Great Seljuk Empire, the Khwarazmids, the Golden Horde, the Timur Empire, the Mughal Empire, and finally the Ottoman Empire. The world always finds it balance, for centuries the Turks have dominated its world. And that time has come once more, Turkish power streches across the Turkic, European and Islamic World. Their is a reason no one makes a move in the region without checking with the Turk."

İYİ Parti Statement on Israeli Turkmen

After the attack made by the Cairo Times against Turkey for its Turkic brothers in Israel, a İYİ Parti spokesmen made the following statement to TRT in Ankara.

"The İYİ Parti, its allies and the Turkish Republic are determined to keep our Turkic brothers safety as a top priory, which we can assure the Israeli government as done as well for the 22,000 Israeli Turks who are settled across the Israeli regions of Jezreel Valley and the Golan Heights. Both sovereign territory of the Israeli State. Turkey continues to work closely with Israel, and will continue to do so for generations to come. The strength of the Turkish-Israeli friendship cannot be understated or undermined by anyone, let alone the Arabs."

2019 European election results: Turkey

The results for the Turkish MEPs to the European Parliament are in, with Turkey's 100 MEPs up for reelection. The biggest winner in Turkey was the CAP (The Conservative Ascension) being the most successful party in Turkey, thanks to the Turkish based CAP's cooperation with the ruling İYİ Parti they were able to pick up 79 of the seats. And the with the EDP winning 21 of the remaining seats, who share cooperation with most of the opposition in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The Good European Party was formed in 2011 by Turkish Conservatives to create a voice that better represented the Turkish people as the conservative voice in political Europe, becoming the nations most popular party for EU elections in this election cycle.