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Region: Forest

Canaltia wrote:And that's the main issue. The World Assembly is a middle ground. On one hand, all members can vote, but on the other hand, an exclusive group of members have a much bigger voting power than an average person. It's not democracy, because of the exclusive group, and it's not anything else, because of the individual voters. So we have regional voting blocks, things getting past without an individual majority, and massive voter apathy. It's worked surprisingly well with all of these issues, but they are kinda still issues.

I think people are fine with it because resolutions only matter from a RP perspective, and if something passes, you can draft an appeal, and it will almost always get passed. I'm a WA member because I like voting, and I can help keep Ransium's delegacy streak alive. I guess if we didn't have an active founder, that second one would be a lot bigger of an incentive though. That said, if I had to give someone the ability to reverse my vote, Ransium would probably be in my top ten.

Iím not in my top ten, so you might have to lower my position since Iím the delegate. :P