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Expensive Airplane Tickets, Damri Passengers Forecast 10 Up Percent

CNN Indonesia | Thursday, 23/05/2019 21:05 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Public Company (Perum) Damri estimates a 10 percent increase in passengers for inter-city bus transportation (AKAP) in this year's Lebaran period compared to last year. The high price of airplane tickets was allegedly encouraging people to switch to using bus transportation modes. President Director of Perum Damri Setia N Milatia Moemin said that the increase in passengers could still increase considering that not all of the people bought tickets back and forth. However, he has not been able to provide detailed data on the increase in passengers because it requires consolidated calculations from all branches. "There is a slight jump in demand between provincial cities (AKAP), there are around 10 percent. There has been an increase but we expect even higher because it is getting closer to Eid," he said, Thursday (23/5).On the other hand, he said the increase in the price of airplane tickets suppressed the number of passengers for bus services to the airport (airport). The decrease in passengers reached 30 percent-40 percent.

Nevertheless, the decline could be covered by the increase in passengers in other Perum Damri business lines, especially the AKAP segment. Perum Damri itself has seven lines of business, including city transportation, inter-city transportation, inter-border transportation, mode-integrated transportation, travel or tourism transportation, logistics transportation, and pioneer transportation."Indeed, it was felt that when ticket prices were very expensive, people might change their mode. But for us on the one hand there was a decrease in sales, but on the other hand we also carried out fleet management," he added. Especially for Lebaran transportation, Perum Damri provides 192 units with 4,247 rites serving inter-city or regular passengers. The company targets 103,203 passengers for regular transportation. In addition, the red-plate transportation mode company also prepared 150 aid buses with 1,047 races. This aid bus can accommodate passengers up to 23,071 people.

Perum Damri also prepares local fleet services of 166 units with 4,417 households. This local bus service can accommodate passengers up to 111,763 people. This BUMN also claimed to have synergized with 40 other State Milk Enterprises (BUMN) that provided free homecoming. A total of 843 fleets with a total capacity of 42,552 passengers were prepared for the synergy program with this BUMN. "We also provide free homecoming with the target of 300 travelers using seven fleets," he said. At present, Perum Damri is recorded to have 3,000 fleets for all segments. With the number of regional office branches reaching 59 branches.

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