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      Yatsenyuk took inauguration in Verkhovna Rada

      23rd May 2019


    Ukrainian president, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, took his oath in the Verkhovna Rada Building on the 22nd May.

    The new Ukrainian president, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, took the presidential oath in the Verkhovna Rada Building yesterday with the witnesses of 450 members of the parliament. Closed by the Peresopnytsia Gospel and the Constitution of Ukraine.

    In the inauguration day, President Yatsenyuk also mentioned that he will do his best to suppress the corruption in the Ukrainian government and re-write the out-dated, broken constitution of Ukraine, and strengthen the relationships between Ukraine and NATO nations, but he is still considering the joining of the EU.

    Many Ukrainians, especially in the west and central, massively celebrate Yatsenyuk as the new president. In Lyiv, 50,000 citizens parades on the streets of Lyiv and launching fireworks at the town square of Lyiv. Meanwhile, reports had shown that nearly 60,000 Ukrainian Russians were searching for immigration and decides to leave Ukraine due to the tough policies of Yatsenyuk towards Russians in Ukraine.

    Yatsenyuk also promotes Ukrainian industry, by investing and encourages the Ukrainian enterprises and industries to produce Ukrainian-made products, especially in the military, which Yatsenyuk wants to fully equip the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Ukrainian weapons.

    Professionals have also commented about Yatsenyuk's "Ukrainiazation" policies, which can encourage the motivations in Ukrainian's national industries, but it won't have a long-term development for Ukraine unless it's backed by a strong and powerful constitution.


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