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Region: The Democratic Republic

BREAKING NEWS. Half a dozen artillery systems and armored personnel carriers were destroyed stationed in the island of Sumatra!

E.B.C. News live today - Few hours before midnight, after the successful military operation of Pemasukan, military forces specifically Artillery regiments and armored personnel carriers, were stationed in the island for reinforcements in the next operation to take over the capital and the rest of the Kalimantan. A large explosion believed to be a missile strike from an Indonesian ballistic missile submarine, have destroyed over 80% of the stationed regiments. Approximately, 4000 personnel from the artillery and special auxiliary regiments are dead, 1300 M61 PC are destroyed, along with MLRs and 122mm howitzer scheduled to relocate into Cilegon before the operation.Head of the National Armed Forces, Juisi Souti Badagahi, has stated his condolences to the 4000 brave soldiers and intentions. “Unfortunately a very recent tragedy has taken place before midnight, estimated over 4000 of our brave men in the artillery and auxiliary regiments have perished in an explosion said to have originated from an Indonesian ballistic missile submarine submerged off the coast of North Sumatra. Due to the recent recession of purchasing and producing military vehicles and weapons, the military council along with the military commission have decides not to send anymore artillery nor any armored personnel carriers in our reserves, due to the low amount and fear of another long range missile strike. Until the threat has been neutralized, we will be sending 10,000 outdated IR series trucks as replacements. If it is hell that the dictators of Indonesia want, then it is hell that the E.M.F. will give to them.”

The IR trucks were used back in the 20th century in World War 2. After the Japanese invasion of Singapore, the Euginian Government was exiled in Australia, where they continued to operate, to drive out the Japanese out of South East Asia. The IR trucks, especially the IR-101 Rocket Truck were used as an effective long range artillery battery against Japanese tank divisions invading Papua New Guinea, while the IR-93 and the IR-98 are used as heavy infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers to transport troops and equipment into the front lines. The IR-98 is now being used as a utility vehicle for civilian use.Over (3000) IR-101s, (500) IR-93s, and (2000) IR-98s will be shipped to Sumatra and into Banten for the next operation to begin.

Here specifications of these IR trucks (although some of specifications are still classified today):

IR-93 Heavy IFV
Type: Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Crew: 8
- driver
- commander/co-driver/gunner
- 2x gunner/loaders
- 4x fully equipped soldiers
Chassis armor (consists of both welded steel and aluminum)
Front: 96mm
Sides: 67mm
Rear: 43mm
Armament: 1x .50 cal browning machine gun
                 2x 20mm auto-cannons
Powerplant: 1x 340 hp Diesel truck engine

IR-98 Heavy Armored Truck
Type: Heavy Armored Utility Transport
Crew: 4
- driver
- co-driver
- 2x Fully trained guards
Chassis armor (consist only of welded steel)
Front: 99mm
Sides: 78mm
Rear: 56mm
Powerplant: 2x 420 hp Diesel turbine truck engines
Used for transport of ammunition, and sometimes 8x fully equipped soldiers. And is also used as transport of money for banks.

IR-101 Heavy Rocket Truck
Type: Heavy Rocket Truck
Crew: 6
- driver
- commander/driver/gunner
- 2x loaders
- scout
- commander for the rocket rail launcher
Chassis armor (consists of both welded steel and aluminum)
Front: 100mm
Sides: 23mm
Rear: 23mm
Armament: 1x .50 cal browning machine gun
                 1x MGHD Rocket Launcher railing with 234mm High Explosive Rockets
Powerplant: 1x 570 hp Multi-fuel Engine

The major operation is set to begin in a few days. This ends the live broadcast of E.B.C. live!