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Region: The Democratic Republic

Galkvia Pland wrote:I really can't take this RP seriously, you have left out so many things and jumped right into "we took city of 'x' theres so many questions left out and so many things.

How did the invasion start? How did you not get detected by raders, air patrol, border patrol, military scouts? How did you invade? Land? sea? air? how was your soldiers transported? How was there little resistance when every citizen is armed and drafted into 1 year of service? how did you get through the mountains without constant harassment from my citizens/soliders? what military vehicles were used? Why is the polish invading me now? I don't recall Poland declaring war on me.

etc etc etc.

so yeah, I can't take this RP seriously.

Sorry, i was in a rush and didn't put in as many details as i wanted. I'm also a bad Roleplayer, and i didn't really know what Galks military has. I didn't know a lot of things really....