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Region: Brannackia

Izbien wrote:Izbien offically closes border
After a few weeks, the Beetle Plauge as going to the point where its deeply effecting the nation. Izbien has offically closed all borders and have urged naighbooring countries to do so as well. NARC has concluded that the plauge started several years ago as a cattle infection within in the Mississippi delta. The diseased soon transfered to humans in the first town where the first patient was recorded. The town soon fell ill and the Commune quaniteed the town where it stat there for a few months. 75% of the town died due to lack of care and funding or research and after the hurricane the quantine was lifted and the diseased started to spread again.

In almost every major city the disease has spread, people who have it as qurrertined in there homes and hospitials. The disease is likely to alreay have spread to meny places around the world.

The government of Korea has issued strict border control. Any and all travelers coming from areas known to be infected with the Beetle Plague, particularly those from Izbien, Forestia, and Louisiana, will be tested for the plague, and if found positive, will be detained and returned as soon as possible.