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Viva La France

The French Armed Forces is hoping to move the military budget up to 2.5% by next year to further strengthen it's capabilities and ensuring the security of the French Republic. Under President Macron, the government is seeking to ensure France's global presence. Though some policies have become more right-wing Macron has stated that the preservation of French culture and living is important - As the burning of Notre Dame enlightened the French people to understand the majesty of their culture and history.

    We have stood in the forefront of European history, rivalled only by some of the continents mightiest. We must remember our place as a state of freedom; The birth place of true modern democracy. France is a nation that has shaped and fashioned the world to how it sees fit, not too different from that of the British. I look to the former colonies of France, nations whose people seek residence in our great state. If you want to be French that could easily be arrange - As we seek a united France under Paris in all of it's glory. But alas it is no longer possible to reconquer what was the French Empire. Fortunately we do not have to. We will reestablish greater relationship with all past colonies, and ensure that we repent all mistakes.

Manuel Macron believes that the French Nation is not only that of what is confined within the French Republic, but also that of those all over the world who has French roots in language, culture, or heritage.