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Othelos wrote:I don't really know much about him. But it's definitely cool that LGBT people can run for president now and be taken seriously.

Thanks! I <3 die Freien Demokraten

Points on why I think he's good
A) He's not dumb (studies at Harvard and got a scholarship to study in Oxford)
B) He's served in the military (tick on patriotism, at least for an average American)
C) Worked in McKinsey before (knows about general bank and stock market stuff)
D) His track record in South Bend (Ik it's not a state or anything big, but it's still an impressive record)
E) His policies (which includes things like universal healthcare, the environment and other Democratic based policies, however he does not push for things that AOC want like 70% tax on rich people and the abolishment of the US immigration and customs enforcement, which is too left and the problems Bernie Sanders have with older voters)

Imo being gay is just something that's added, and even if he's straight I still think that he's a great candidate