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Region: New Coalition of Nations

Nedea wrote:Quick question for anyone...

What is the age of majority in your nation? What does that entail? Is there a reason it's X age and not Y age?

Similar to 46566, "age of majority" is a bit fluid in Athretvari and defined not so much by age as by "rank." Minimum rank equivalent to an age of majority ("you have all your basic rights") is a K8, which usually occurs between 17 and 20 years of age, depending on individual. Every citizen of Athretvari is in this National Corps and the system is used as a way to denote actual rank in the Corps, and as a type of social ranking/meritocratic system to basically announce, and recognize service to the nation. Certain rights, specifically powers to vote on particular issues and nominate officials are held by those with the highest rank. Movement through the ranks from K0 up to about K15 is highly technical and structured, based on time served and examination. Movement above K15 is nearly always based on politics.