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Municipalist councilist republics wrote:If what we want is a nuanced test, there is 9axes. There is a very long version (200 questions) and a shorter one (50 questions).

Took the long test (this testing is pretty fun!)

Here are the results:
Federal vs. Unitary -- Neutral; 55% to 45%
Democracy vs. Authority -- Democratic; 74% to 26%
Globalist vs. Isolationist -- Globalist; 75% to 25%
Militarist vs. Pacifist -- Moderate Pacifist; 37% to 63%
Security vs. Freedom -- Moderate Freedom; 33% to 67%
Equality vs. Markets -- Extreme Equality; 80% to 20%
Secular vs. Religious -- Moderate Secular; 63% to 37%
Progress vs. Tradition -- Moderate Progressive; 60% to 40%
Assimilationist vs. Multiculturalist -- Multiculturalist; 26% to 74%

What I found interesting is how Progress v. Tradition came out as "Moderate Progressive"; these political tests generally put me much further left than that. I think it's because this test was rather thorough and separated views on equality (where I am recorded as Extreme), from issues surrounding immigration, religion and technology -- and other things that often get lumped in together.

Alpenburg wrote:Related to 9Axes is 8Values. It's only 70 questions and gives a "Closest Match" for ideology (e.g., Libertarian Socialist in my case).

Ooh, another test!

Libertarian Socialism:

Equality vs. Markets -- Socialist (78% Equality)
Nation vs. World -- Internationalist (78.7% World)
Liberty vs. Authority -- Libertarian (77.3% Liberty)
Tradition vs. Progress -- Very Progressive (79.1% Progress)

Ah... Fewer categories and I'm being called "Very Progressive" again.

It's like being in NSG :p

Zwangzug wrote:Some good news: I'm on track to finish my degree in a few weeks and then bide my time while I look for a job in the real world, which will presumably cut down into my NSing. I intend to continue on as an editor and sports RPer if possible, perhaps in limited capacity on both fronts.

Given that, for no specific reason but a confluence of factors, being a part of an active region doesn't seem to make sense for me anymore, and I'd prefer to retreat back into hermitage. Peace and blooms to all.

Congratulations on the good news about your degree! There'll always be a sunny spot for you in Forest, should you choose to return.