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Turbeaux wrote:A bit of a fanatic on 9Axes. Specifically, a fanatic secularist, multiculturalist, and federalist freedom-loving egalitarian. I was extremist in the directions that would be expected on the other axes.

I start to think that you live in North Korea!
here are my results from 9Axes: Fanatico 90% in Progressive and Globalist, 70% in Unitary and Security, Moderate 60% in Democratic, Markets and Militarist, Neutral 50% in Culture and Religion.

Following the philosophical climate I want to bring 3 dilemmas for reflection, and curiosity, to you and whoever else wants to participate.

1 - Congratulations you is a popular figure, and influential in an anarchist government regime, everyone is free and government is non-existent, you are faced with an uncommon scene, where you see two men fighting, you intervene in the fight? (if it does not jump to [##]) after argumentation with them, you discovers that both say that an object of great and unique value belongs to them, clarifying the situation better it is discovered that both are brothers and that the object was given them by their deceased mother. both brothers do not want to share the object and the object itself is indivisible, both seem to care very much about the object, [##] the situation gets tense until one of the man picks up one sharp tool next to he, and fatally strikes the other, even when he knowledge that is dead, he does not appear to be shaken, others present in the scene seem horrified by the unusual situation, there is no government or security force, but there are volunteers from the region, one of the volunteer is a close friend of the dead, and when faced with the situation he kills the other man and stays with the object, an old man among the crowd arrives at you and asks what should be done?

Note that the situation can not be reversed and has already happened. In this case, feelings like anger can create a killer, no matter how trivial being the situation.
Is the only thing that we were born with, not the particular rage, but all the fellings. A baby smiles, you may not know the reason and much less does he, the smile is an expression of feelings that was not previously learned, or will it be?..
And of course, do not use discussing whether the above situation may or may not happen.
This place have or havent prison and laws, is undefined, you can choose, but you have to explain how it came to be, and how it works.

2 - Congratulations you is a popular figure, and influential in an anarchist government regime, everyone is free and government is non-existent, in the face of a new and unknown disease, you and the rest of the people of a small group who apparently not yet been sick, but each day more and more people move to the region, until a debate is made among the inhabitants, one support isolationism, is a woman she says is worried about her childrens getting sick, she says she should deny the entry of these immigrants, this action is possible since they are on an island.(that is convenient!) The island is self-sufficient in food and water, could live isolated, in contrast an immigrant recently arrived, against this idea, proposing that this would be a mistake, still exists several people who did not contract the disease and that can be saved, considering that the island supports all, resources are not the problem here!, it also says that a cure is necessary, and without the communication by boat is impossible that the community helps.
The dilemma is simple, unite with the world and try to develop the cure, risking you on community, or close for its own survival?
To make the situation even more difficult, to be aware that the disease is invisible and that any kind of screening is impossible, the infected do not present symptoms until their death, and the disease is transmitted by telepathic super powers that go through any type of blocking quarantine zone. Is very fictitious, but in the above situation, it is already happening and it is no point in questioning its fidelity.

3 - Congratulations you is a popular figure, and influential in an anarchist government regime, everyone is free and government is non-existent, do you enter a bakery with only two options, a donuts with syrup or cheese-stuffed dough? it is not possible to make another choices at this time, and you really have to choose one of these because your life depends on it, because an agent from a secret organization has poisoned you! and the antidote is in this two options. (The agent has no involvement with the bakery or baker, or with any organization in Kinganaryasia.) The reasons for such are unknown and bla bla bla is no questioning fidelity bla bla bla ... so?

Sorry if the reading was unpleasant or any grammar error, please feel free to correct me at any point. And if possible tell me if my writing was Poor, Bad, Medium or Good or ... incredible and incomparable for a handsome and strong man like me.

#I changed some things, very late, i have to leave in rush for a moment, but hey, sooner than later? right? well now you can understand at least.