by Max Barry

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Region: The Democratic Republic

My fellow Democratic Republicans,

As the independent candidate for consul, it is my duty and privilege to be beholden to the people and to promote such ideals as bipartisanship, unity, change, accountability, responsibility, and tangibility. It is my dearest hope that I will be able to help the region grow and flourish with a transparent and accountable government at its head.

Of course, if you read Porto Verde’s speech yesterday, you may have reservations about me and you may have a few good things to say about my opponent. I would like to address each of Porto’s accusations and claims in turn:
- “How can we elect a leader who claims to be independent or whose vision will be immediately biased when he comes to power?” Actually, it’s because I’m independent that I’m going to be unbiased. I have a proven track record of listening to my opponents, voting on principle, and giving people a fair chance to prove to me that they’re right. Besides, since I don’t belong to a party, I’m allowed to hold to my principles, instead of being beholden to a party line.

-“How can we believe a candidate who attacks his opponent by claiming that his ideas are being stolen when they have been stated many times before?” Actually, it’s not just my ideas you’ve stolen. You have taken credit for Senator Fifj’s legislation to increase the size of the Senate, my platform of responsibility, and you’ve claimed sole credit for the increase and maintenance of the regional population (which is due just as much to our wonderful regional culture as it is to your efforts). I believe in delivering credit where credit is due, and I believe in calling people out when they take credit for other people’s ideas and actions.

-“We rushed to reform our unorganized army,”. In fact, this is the only thing Celestials did in office. Even then, what good did it do? What’s the point of having ranks in the military if the military remains unused and untrained anyway? You added organization, sure, but you forgot to make it active in any way.

-“we protected and revalued the title of citizen” This is just plainly false. The last time citizenship requirements changed was in JB’s term in office. Porto and his party did nothing at all to support this claim this term.

-“The progressives introduced the idea of rewarding the most deserving citizens in our region,” I’m sorry, who made your party the gatekeeper of the “most deserving citizens”? Aren’t all of our citizens important? Aren’t all of our citizens valued members of the republic? How dare you divide and attack our population by saying that some of our citizens are undeserving of their place here? This is the single most intolerant and offensive statement I have ever seen in this region.

There is no place for intolerance and disrespect in this region. The thought that a major party leader in our region could ever consider any of our citizens undeserving of the service of their government is disgusting and symptomatic of the partisan divide in this region. It’s time for our government to elect a new leader who can bring unity, change, and bipartisanship to this region— a leader who can speak for all the people, not just “the most deserving”. I am that leader, and therefore ask you to vote #AzadliqforConsul.